My name is Joe Plocki, though a small number of people that have known me for decades may occasionally call me "Joey". It should be noted that I do not necessarily approve of this behavior. In any case, this is the home page of my official web site.

By day, I am a web developer and systems programmer. By night (and some lunches), I am a fantasy and science fiction author. I am also a significant other, father, car-fixer, house-fixer, boat-fixer, and an absolutely amazing pool player.

As an author, I have self-published The Dragon's Bane, a gripping tale of revenge, self-discovery, and healing. Other authors would list their writing-related credentials, awards, and associations at this point. I, however, have none of those. In fact, I even dropped out of Clemson University as a Mechanical Engineering major back in 1990.

As a programmer and web developer, I have coded and created many useful tools for use by customers and peers. I am pretty awesome like that.

Take a look around the site. You will find a lot more information about me, my works, and my current projects.

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